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28. Mai 2020 MVG Museum München
  • Anthony White

    Anthony White

    Chief Learning Officer

    Allianz University

On the Paradox of Control – engaging your employees without controlling them!

Can I sign up for a course? Is the program mandatory? Do I meet the course requirements? Is the employee a talent?
These are common questions that Learning teams in organisations ask or get asked every time they create or offer a learning program. Why? Join us to explore the paradox of losing control to gain control with Allianz University and learn about the journey that they have been on for the last 18 months to change their learning culture. Hear about the progress that Allianz are making on this journey and how they have used the implementation of LinkedIn Learning to be a catalyst for the transformation, from a traditional “controlled” learning culture to one where the employee is in control of their learning… Allianz University will also share the data and insights that they have gathered during this period.
Thema: Training / Weiterbildung Lerntechnologien
Vorausgesetzter Wissensstand: Vorkenntnisse erforderlich

Vita Anthony White

Tony White is Global Head of Allianz University (AllianzU) a position he has held since July 2017. He
joined Allianz SE in November 2016 as the Head of the Group People Development team prior to the
appointment into his current role. He is responsible for the implementation and setup of the new
Allianz University (AllianzU) to support the Global learning and Leadership development programs and


Anthony White

Chief Learning Officer

Allianz University

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